Mise à jour Maelstrom 1.3.7

Version 1.3.7: custom elevation reference formats

What's new in this update?

Custom altimeter reference formats, change log, persistence of notifications… Discover the latest features of Maesltrom and get the most out of the platform!

1. Persistence of notifications

To ensure that important notifications always reach you, we’ve added a notification persistence feature: if a call or SMS send fails, Maelstrom will make up to three attempts to ensure that the notification is received. This ensures you never miss alerts, as soon as your personalized thresholds are crossed.

2. Custom altimeter reference formats

In order to facilitate a better understanding and a more precise interpretation of data relating to water heights, Maelstrom now integrates local altimeter reference formats. This feature allows you to visualize water levels in formats tailored to your specific needs, ensuring more insightful data analysis.

Customize the altimeter reference format in Maelstrom.

3. Date of activation of measuring points

Maelstrom now allows you to find the date of the first measurement of a micro-station as well as its deactivation date while retaining your access to its data history. This functionality provides better traceability and precise tracking of measurement points.

4. Reports and billing information

Administrators and financial administrators now have new options for managing reporting and billing information. When a report is created for a set of measurement points, you are notified by email and have one week to confirm data access and use of the Maelstrom platform. Furthermore, it is now possible to edit the billing address and the SIRET linked to the team directly from the “Team settings” menu. This information is used to generate valid billing statements and ensure that all administrative data is up to date.

Edit the billing address and SIRET linked to a team.

5. Changelog

To help you track Maelstrom updates and view improvements to the application, we have introduced a changelog. Each change made to Maelstrom is now recorded on a dedicated page, providing total transparency on platform developments and making it easier to track updates.

We hope that these improvements will meet your expectations and help you get the most out of Maelstrom . Do not hesitate to give us your feedback and suggestions to continue improving our services!

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