vorteX-io participe au CASSINI Business Accelerator

vorteX-io soars to new heights with CASSINI Business Accelerator

We are delighted to announce that vorteX-io has been selected to participate in the prestigious CASSINI Business Accelerator, the leading space startup accelerator in Europe!

A world-class accelerator program

CASSINI is the initiative of the European Commission aimed at supporting entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs in the space industry. It is open to all areas of the EU space program and covers both upstream (nanosats, launchers, etc.) and downstream (products and services made possible by space data, etc.). It provides support throughout the innovation cycle, from idea generation to market entry and growth.

The initiative includes a €1 billion European seed and growth fund, express innovation competitions (also known as “hackathons”), mentoring, prizes, partnerships, matchmaking and… A business accelerator !

Launched in January 2023, the CASSINI Business Accelerator is a leading space startup accelerator in Europe. It drives business growth for top space startups and scaleups through an intensive six-month accelerator program.

In May 2024, vorteX-io has been officially selected to join the third batch of the CASSINI Business Accelerator, alongside 18 other European companies! Thanks to this opportunity, we will be able to strengthen our position in the space industry ecosystem And reinforce the acceleration of our growth.

vorteX-io sélectionné pour le CASSINI Business Accelerator

Recognition and a springboard for vorteX-io

This selection is a recognition of our know-how in terms of hydrological monitoring and of our potential to innovate in the space sector.

The CASSINI Business Accelerator gives us access to:

  • Of the resources cutting-edge technology to develop our space solutions.
  • Of the experts of the industry recognized in the space field to advise us and support our development.
  • Opportunities to connection with investors, strategic partners and other innovative startups to strengthen our network.
  • A visibility increased to allow us to be recognized as one of the most promising startups in the European space sector.
  • Access to funding to support our growth and our Research & Development projects.
Guillaume Valladeau présente vorteX-io aux CASSINI Entrepreneurship
Guillaume Valladeau presents vorteX-io during the CASSINI Entrepreneurship Days on June 4, 2024 in Prague

A dynamic and innovative community

We are honored to be part of this innovative community and looking forward to collaborating with other participants as well as the program’s network of experts and partners. Together we can help advance the European space industry.

We thank the European Union Agency for the Space Program ( EUSPA) for this precious opportunity to benefit from exceptional supervision and support which will allow us to take vorteX-io to new heights!

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