The WHYLD project

Worldwide Hydrological Large-scale Database

The WHYLD project, or Worldwide HYdrological Large-scale Database, represents a major milestone in vorteX-io’s goal to create the first European-level hydrological database, ensuring real-time monitoring of river conditions, and eventually building large-scale digital twins .

Co-funded by vorteX-io and subsidized by the European Innovation Council (EIC)as part of the prestigious EIC Accelerator, the WHYLD project aims to be part of the “Early Warnings For All Initiative,” officially launched by the United Nations in November 2022 during the COP27 meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Project milestones


Deployment of 1,000 vorteX-io micro-stations along rivers in Europe, funded by the EIC Accelerator grant, with 500 in Croatia and 500 in France.

From 2025

Deployment of 2,000 additional micro-stations to reach a total of 3,000 in situ sensors across Europe.


European Innovation Council grant

(EIC Accelerator)


1,000 micro-stations
France & Croatia


3,000 micro-stations
on a European scale

2026<br><span style="font-weight:500">-</span><br>2030

First European
river forecasting service
in real-time

How to be a part of the WHYLD Project?

Support the WHYLD project

The WHYLD project would benefit from your support, especially in regions affected by floods and droughts, particularly for:

  • Facilitate connecting with water governance stakeholders.
  • Facilitate obtaining permissions for deploying vorteX-io micro-stations on infrastructure, primarily bridges.
  • Enhance the collaboration between vorteX-io and your organization.

Benefit from the vorteX-io service as part of the WHYLD project

For a service involving a minimum of 20 micro-stations over 12 months, vorteX-io will deploy 20 additional micro-stations and provide the Maelstrom® subscription for the entire fleet of 40 micro-stations.

If the needs on your territory exceed 40 micro-stations, the access conditions to the vorteX-io service will be discussed.

Action calendar 2024-25

Q1 2024

  • Identification of the measurement point locations.
  • Obtaining permissions for the installation of vorteX-io micro-stations.

Q2 2024

  • Beginning of installation of vorteX-io micro-stations.
  • Implementation and delivery of the vorteX-io service.

Q3 2024

  • Support for companies using the vorteX-io service.
  • Collecting user feedback and continuous improvement of the vorteX-io service.

Q4 2024

  • New hydrological parameters (precipitation, turbidity, etc.)
  • International event to raise awareness about WHYLD

Q1-Q2 2025

  • Predictive flood risk indicator
  • Preparation for the deployment of the vorteX-io service at a European scale in 2025.

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