Stream and River Monitoring Solutions

A unique hydrology measurement service
deployable at any time and in any place

To address to the major issues related to the ever-increasing risks of floods and droughts,
vorteX-io offers a turnkey monitoring and notification system
based on two complementary innovations:
a network of new generation in situ remote sensors + an online consultation and alert service.

A perfect complementarity

The micro-station

The field remote sensing sensor

  • Innovative, compact, and communicating instrument

  • Deployment in a few minutes

  • Self-sufficient in energy

  • Installation and maintenance included

The MAELSTROM® platform

The turnkey hydrological service

  • Access to the vorteX-io network & other sources

  • Alert notification based on customized thresholds

  • Access to real-time and historical data

  • Subscription-based service

In addition

The vorteX-io lightweight altimeter

For specific measurements or when access to the watercourse is very difficult, we offer airborne missions to carry out your hydrological measurements:

  • Embedded technology inherited from space research

  • Dual LiDAR/camera system

  • Combination of heights & water masks

  • Independent from the type of drone

Monitor floods in 3 simple steps

1. Installation & configuration in 30 minutes

on the structure of your choice.
The setting and startup of the micro-station are ensured by our team.

2. Real-time monitoring and analysis

on the web platform or through the API.
This way, you can monitor your watershed in real-time.

3. Inform, Prevent & Alert

throughout the territory covered by the micro-stations network. We inform you in real-time, you act.

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