The micro-station service for the prevention of the citizens – Mairie de Gardouch

The municipality of Gardouch shows the will to equip itself with tools which can help the elected officials to anticipate their voluntary mission of security, without these tools replacing the indispensable human presence.

Following the floods that occurred in Gardouch in 2018, Mayor Olivier Guerra sought a simple and effective solution at the scale of his municipality to anticipate future climatic events and warn his constituents. In 2020, he met the vorteX.io team and decided to implement the micro-station service upstream of the city. He can now know in real time the level of the Gardijol and be informed of the arrival of a flood.

I have been in contact with the vorteX.io administrators during the last weather events and I have appreciated their reactivity every time. It is a serious company that so far meets the expectations of the elected officials and residents. I am looking forward to the annual review in order to evaluate the relevance of the data and thus refine our degree of intervention.

Olivier Guerra, Mayor of Gardouch

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