Flooding, drought, water resource management

Flooding, drought, water resource management

Solutions for Municipalities and Local Authorities

In Europe, floods and drought now constitute the 1st and 2nd largest compensation pools under the Natural Disaster regime, respectively. By 2050, experts predict a 60% increase in floods.

solution prévention inondation mairies villes collectivités locales
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Equip your territory to effectively anticipate risks:

  1. we install the micro-station(s)
  2. You set your own water level thresholds
  3. your team receives alert notifications by e-mail, SMS and Voice Call, 24/7
  4. You act with a head start!
solution référencée par l'UGAP
solution référencée par l'UGAP
How does it work?

River monitoring in 3 simple steps

1. Installation & configuration in 30 minutes

on the structure of your choice. The setting and startup of the micro-station are ensured by our team.

2. Real-time monitoring and analysis

on the web platform or through the API.
This way, you can monitor your watershed in real-time.

3. Information, prevention & alert notifications

across the entire territory covered by the vorteX-io micro-station network. We inform you in real-time, you act.

6 good reasons to equip your municipality or territory

Protection of the population

The vorteX-io services enable the detection of floods upstream, thereby anticipating risks and protecting the residents of the municipality.

Cost reduction

Early detection of floods and inundations makes it possible to reduce the amount of damage to municipal infrastructure and residents' property, as well as the costs of subsequent reconstruction/repairs.

Water resource management

The vorteX-io service allows territories to better manage their water resources (in case of floods and droughts) and to minimize the impact on their citizens, farmers, companies, etc.

Enhancement of the municipality's image

The vorteX-io services are part of the municipality's commitment to the safety of its residents. This can enhance the image of the municipality as a safe and attractive place for new residents and businesses.

Compliance with legal obligations

The law of July 30, 2003 on the prevention of technological and natural risks requires mayors to take measures to prevent flood risks.

Collaboration with other municipalities

A flood and inundation detection system can also facilitate collaboration with neighboring municipalities for coordinated management of natural risks.

Our solution

Our offer is particularly aimed at municipalities and local authorities  in collaboration with  operational units responsible for civil protection  of populations facing flood/drought risks.

The dual innovation of vorteX-io

Monitor at-risk rivers in real time with constant and immediate access to their hydrological data (water level, surface velocity, images).

These in-situ data are available at any time thanks to a double innovation:

  • Our network of on the ground micro-stations (real-time measurements) or
    any other sensor of an existing public network (Vigicrues in France, etc.).
  • The Maelstrom® web platform where you can consult data, view images, set your alert thresholds, etc.

The advantages

This complete dual device (innovative sensors + software platform) allows you to benefit in real time from all the information you need to make the right decisions at the right time. You set your own water level thresholds to be instantly alerted in case of a water level violation.

Each crossing creates an instant alert by e-mail, SMS or Voice Call, 24 h/24 and 7/7.  Then, it’s up to you to act!

micro-station vorteX-io capteur hydrologique innovant

The vorteX-io micro-station



The Maelstrom® platform

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solution référencée par l'UGAP
solution référencée par l'UGAP

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