The new vorteX-io Control Center is up and running

For once, we’re going to take a look behind the scenes of our river forecasting service. Discover an essential tool developed by and for our teams: the vorteX-io Control Center.

What is the purpose of our Control Center?

True to its space-industry-inspired vision, the vorteX-io Control Center takes the form of an online platform. This tool enables us to remotely monitor and manage all our hydrological micro-stations in service on the field.

Used on a daily basis, the platform enables us to perform a number of crucial tasks.

Real-time remote monitoring of vital park parameters:
  • Data quality monitoring for the measured data
  • Tailor-made configuration of equipment, individually or in a fleet
  • Alerting and automatic adaptation of parameters to specific scenarios in the event of degraded conditions (3G/4G reception quality, weather conditions, backup mode in the event of an anomaly, etc.).
  • Detection and diagnosis of possible anomalies

This tool ensures the smooth operation of our fleet of micro-stations, enabling us to guarantee an excellent quality of service.

vorteX-io control center dashboard (© 2023 vorteX-io)

The latest update

Although this Control Center has existed since the creation of the vorteX-io micro-station service, it was previously based on third-party applications. This latest update marks a new milestone, as it is the first version to be entirely custom-designed and developed in-house by vorteX-io for our specific needs.

Since its recent release, this version has further improved the daily monitoring of our sensors’ health and performance, as well as their maintenance and regular updating.

Parameters monitored in real time :
  • Internal memory usage
  • Operating time of a micro-station (startup + data transmission)
  • Network Quality Connection (Signal quality, network type 3g,4g)
  • Weather
  • On-board battery control (charge, voltage, etc.)
  • Control of measured water levels
  • Control of measurement continuity over time
  • Real-time fleet performance analysis
Detail of a vorteX-io micro-station health (© 2023 vorteX-io)


This Control Center, unique in the world of hydrology, is similar to that used in the satellite industry. But, as usual, the vorteX-io team has no intention of stopping there.

An important new feature will indeed be deployed shortly. In the event of a major hydrological event being detected by one of the micro-stations in our network, the vorteX-io Control Center will automatically alert the other micro-stations nearby. The first step towards the creation of true operational network intelligence, this feature will provide more comprehensive data and thus improve understanding, monitoring and forecasting of hydrological phenomena on a watershed scale (including flash floods).
The goal is to facilitate the anticipation of flood events for better operational response to protect populations and property.

Of course, we’ll keep you posted on the progress of these exciting innovations!

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