Case study

Innovative river management: Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis

Flood/drought risk prevention and water resource management are major issues in the south of France.

That is why, as part of its GEMAPI (Management of Aquatic Environments and Flood Prevention) responsibilities and its Smart Métropole project, the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis is equipping itself with the innovative service provided by vorteX-io to become a “smart territory.”

The customer


The Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis is an administrative entity located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of France. It comprises 92 municipalities(mainly in the Bouches-du-Rhône department).

The metropolis is characterized by its strategic geographic position and its major economic role in the region: the metropolis is the second-largest creator of jobs after Paris.

Métropole Aix-Marseille-Provence

The need

GEMAPI & Smart Métropolis, a dual challenge

GEMAPI, a metropolitan competence

In France, GEMAPI (accronym for Management of Aquatic Environments and Flood Prevention), is a competence entrusted to local authorities since 2018.

It was created to strengthen the management and protection of watercourses and aquatic environments, and to prevent the risk of flooding.

GEMAPI includes various missions, such as:

  • maintenance and development of watercourses,
  • restoration of natural environments,
  • management of hydraulic structures and
  • implementation of flood prevention strategies.

GEMAPI thus plays an crutial role in preserving aquatic ecosystems, conserving biodiversity and protecting populations against flooding.

Objective: Smart Metropolis

The Smart Metropolis concept is an approach to urban development that integrates technological and digital advancements to improve quality of life, sustainability, and the efficiency of public services.

Inherited from the Smart City concept, the goal of a Smart Metropolis project is to create an “intelligent territory”, i.e. an urban environment that is more sustainable, efficient, resilient and focused on the needs of its citizens.

Technology helps optimize the management of resources, infrastructures and networks (transport, water distribution, waste management, public safety, etc.). It also enables real-time data collection and analysis, citizen participation and digital governance.

Concretely, this involves the use of sensors and connected networks to monitor and manage various aspects of urban life.

The solution

The vorteX-io micro-station service

Monitoring of all your watercourses and watersheds through a unique device on the market: the vorteX-io micro-station.

an in situ remote sensor & an online platform

micro-station vorteX-io capteur hydrologique innovant

The vorteX-io micro-station

Simple, easy-to-use remote sensor for real-time river monitoring



The Maelstrom® SaaS platform

Remote sensor for simple, easy-to-use and real-time river monitoring.

The benefits

Real-time monitoring

  • A network of sensors to monitor your watersheds

  • Online consultation and alert service

  • Monitoring with the Maelstrom® platform or via API

Multi-parameter measurement

  • Water height measurement

  • Surface velocity measurement

  • Image capture

Easy to deploy

  • Installation in less than an hour

  • Energy self-sufficient communicating sensor

  • Remote maintenance and updates

Keeping costs under control

  • Data access by monthly subscription

  • Installation included in subscription price

  • Maintenance and updates included

Want to learn more?

If you are involved in flood/drought risk prevention and intelligent water resource management in your area, please feel free to contact us.

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