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Protect your business against flood risk

When it comes to flood risk, we’re here to protect your customers, staff and buildings. We prevent you from any risks and provide your insurance company with the necessary measures to cover your business.


Watch your back

The risk of flooding not only threatens your premises, but also the survival of your business and the safety of your customers and staff.

You face a dual challenge: anticipate events to minimize operating losses and damage to people and property, while maintaining appropriate insurance coverage.

As flood risk increases, insurance policies become more complex. However, operating in a high-risk area without appropriate insurance can leave your business vulnerable.


Contribute to the security and durability of your hosting company

With vorteX-io, reliable and personalized flood alert notifications become a reality.

You benefit from a unique real-time monitoring service for the watercourse near your facility.

In the event of imminent risk, you receive immediate notifications 24 hours a day by e-mail, SMS and voice call.

The veryprecise measurements of our micro-stations pave the way for customized parametric insurance. This speeds up the reimbursement process and improves your coverage.

Support your profitability with a strategic investment.

They trust us

All-in-one service

for a perfect synergy

The on-board technology in our micro-stations works in conjunction with the Maelstrom platform, giving you instant access to the height of watercourses in real time.

  • Wide ranging measurements

    The micro-station multiplies your prevention capacity. Its sensors simultaneously measure the height and surface velocity of the watercourse, enabling floods to be anticipated with centimetre-level accuracy.

  • Real-time notifications

    Customize measurement thresholds according to the specific features of your location. Real-time notifications warn you via SMS, voice call and e-mail when thresholds are crossed.

  • Monitoring and analysis platform

    Via the Maelstrom platform or via the API, access real-time hydrological data for your monitored watercourses, as well as historical measurements.

  • Quick setup and installation

    Our partner rope access technicians install the micro-station on the structure of your choice within 1 hour. Our team activates the station and sets the parameters for data collection.

Solution approved by hotel professionals

Be alerted, be insured

Early evacuation

Keep a head start to evacuate your customers and staff. The service includes an instant flood notification system.

Cost reduction and damage

With our notifications, you benefit from valuable leeway to protect your assets. Minimize flood damage with our service.

Parametric insurance

Access a tailor-made insurance contract to cover your loss of earnings. The centimetric precision of the measurements automatically triggers the payment of compensation.

Intelligent automation

Benefit from a measurement frequency based on the state of the watercourse. Measures are taken at regular intervals, and are accelerated when there is a risk of flooding.

Frequently Asked Questions

VorteX-io makes it easy to set up parametric insurance with trusted partners.

By providing accurate and real-time data, you demonstrate your commitment to risk management, which can positively influence insurers and facilitate underwriting.

The major difference lies in the way compensation is determined. Traditional contracts are based on actual losses, while parametric contracts are based on measurable events, such as the amount of rainfall and the height of water in the event of flooding.

Whereas traditional policies require the intervention of an expert to estimate the damage, parametric insurance automatically triggers the payment of compensation on the basis of predefined parameters.

VorteX-io offers a unique service for hydrological measurements inherited from spatial altimetry. The technology deployed guarantees centimetric accuracy of hydrological measurement readings.

Strong, energy self-sufficient and easy to install, our micro-stations outperform the alternatives.

Our micro-stations are securely fixed to their supports, without damaging the structure. The solar panel power supply and on-board battery make the micro-stations completely self-sufficient in energy.

Thanks to data consistency verification algorithms, our sensors perform intelligent post-processing of measurements.

In addition, the frequency of surveys increases according to the condition of the watercourse. This gives you the reliable, precise monitoring you need to make informed decisions.

It’s as simple as €119 ex-VAT / month / micro-station (Sentinel Flow package + “Real-time Notifications” option).

Simply subscribe to the Maelstrom platform, select the measurement point location and set your notification thresholds.

If no station is installed, the price remains unchanged! VorteX-io takes care of installation and technical support.

Absolutely. Our dedicated support team is on hand to solve any technical problems and answer any questions you may have.

Thanks to our digital control center, we closely monitor our fleet of micro-stations to detect any malfunctions at an early stage.

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