Management assistant M/F

Contract Type:
Permanent position
La Cité
55 Avenue Louis Breguet
31400 Toulouse, FRANCE

About the company

vorteX-io is a startup founded by two engineers with a background in spatial research and more specifically in the field of earth observation. Its goal is to build the largest real-time hydrometeorological database in Europe.

The company is currently offering a river monitoring service based on 2 innovative systems: the lightweight altimeter embedded in a drone and the connected and autonomous micro-station.
Taking advantage of space-based remote sensing technologies, these innovative instruments complement existing systems and meet the ever-increasing need for real-time monitoring of all rivers that contribute to flood risk.

Description and Objectives

You will assist the administrative and financial coordinator in the following missions:

Administrative Management:
  • Daily life of the company
  • Follow-up of projects, grant files
  • Personnel management
Financial Management:
  • Recording of accounting documents
  • Follow-up and reminder of customer invoices

The vast majority of these tasks are managed using the Axonaut software, an online tool that centralizes all information.

Know-how & skills:

  • Mandatory mastery of office automation tools (mailing, Excel, Word, Power Point)
  • Cost accounting skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Good oral and written communication
  • Good spelling and writing skills


You have at least one year of experience as a management assistant.

Soft skills:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Dynamism
  • Rigor
  • Team spirit
  • Autonomy

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