Transport networks and companies

Flood forecasting service for transport networks

The vorteX-io service enables you to assess the risk of flooding in watercourses near your transport network. Adopt a real-time monitoring system for robust risk management.

Ingénieurs ferroviaires sur un projet en prévision des crues

Reduce your network's vulnerability

As a transport network operator or company, you are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of your infrastructure and the continuity of your service.

Faced with increasing natural hazards, a company like yours needs to be constantly vigilant. Far from being a simple obstacle, flooding generates unforeseen costs and operating losses.

They add significant challenges to your business: reducing the vulnerability of your infrastructures and ensuring the safe transport of both users and goods.

Responding effectively to these concerns is the key to your resilience strategy.

Prévention crues et embâcles sur les voies navigables

Gain resilience in the face of natural hazards

The vorteX-io real-time river monitoring system is a tool for preventing disturbances. With our solution, you can anticipate flooding before it threatens your network.

By opting for a micro-station subscription, you can base your strategic decisions on reliable hydrological data.

The data collected provides you with crucial information for adopting preventive measures and deciding what action to take to limit damage.

Customize alert thresholds to suit your needs and keep control of the situation.

All-in-one service

for a perfect synergy

The on-board technology in our micro-stations works in conjunction with the Maelstrom platform, giving you instant access to watercourses state in real time.

  • Wide ranging measurements

    The micro-station multiplies your prevention capacity. Its sensors simultaneously measure the height and surface velocity of the watercourse, enabling extremely accurate flood forecasting.

  • Real-time notifications

    Customize measurement thresholds to suit your network. Real-time notifications warn you via SMS, voice call and e-mail when thresholds are crossed.

  • Monitoring and analysis platform

    Via the Maelstrom platform or via the API, access real-time hydrological data for your monitored watercourses, as well as historical measurements.

  • Quick setup and installation

    Our partner rope access technicians install the micro-station on the structure of your choice within 1 hour. Our team activates the station and sets the parameters for data collection.

Stay one step ahead

Service continuity

You have access to the data you need to anticipate network outages. Take effective action to minimize disruption and maintain your operations.

Strategic investment

Anticipating risk reduces restoration costs and losses due to service interruptions.

Climate resilience

Real-time and historical measurements help you adapt your business to changing climatic conditions. Pinpoint your vulnerabilities.

Customer satisfaction

You won't be surprised, and neither will your customers. An effective natural hazard management plan enhances the quality of your services.

Powerful technology

State-of-the-art on-board sensors measure surface speed and height, while capturing images day and night.

Intuitive platform

Easy to use, you can visualize data at a glance. Just a few clicks are all it takes to set alert thresholds for your measurement points.

The WHYLD project

Worldwide HYdrological Large-scale Database
The first hydrological database

Co-funded by the European Innovation Council and vorteX-io, the WHYLD project aims to create the most comprehensive hydrological database in Europe.

To ensure its success, vorteX-io is pursuing a dynamic strategy of deploying micro-stations, enabling its customers to take advantage of an attractive offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our sensors, inherited from spatial altimetry, guarantee accurate data collection, enabling in-depth analysis for informed decisions.

We closely monitor the health of our micro-stations. Digitized maintenance enables constant vigilance over the equipment fleet.

The vorteX-io solution is distinguished by :

  • ease of deployment,
  • a data subscription that eliminates the need to purchase and maintain equipment,
  • robust and reliable technology.

From data aggregation to preventive analysis, our service optimizes your anticipation time in the event of risk.

You can also integrate vorteX-io data into your own web supervisor via the API.

In the event of difficulties, we work closely with your technical team to facilitate their integration into your tool.

Our solution adapts to your specific needs, making it easy to adopt within your organization.

Our dedicated support team is on hand to solve any technical problems and answer any questions you may have.

Thanks to our control center, we closely monitor our fleet of micro-stations to detect any malfunctions at an early stage. If necessary, we will replace the station within 30 days for a standard subscription and within 5 days for a Premium subscription.

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