Local authorities

Protecting your territory from flood and drought risks

Provid your territory with a flood and drought prevention system. Our micro-stations provide constant monitoring of the state of your watercourses, enabling you to anticipate natural hazards.


Anticipate risks

Flooding threatens almost a quarter of the global population and around 12% of the world’s 2020 GDP will be located in high-risk areas, causing devastating material and human damage.

The intensification and multiplication of natural hazards highlight the lack of indicators for river management. However, the effectiveness of a prevention strategy lies in the collection of relevant local hydrological data.

Real-time monitoring of watercourses becomes imperative to reinforce safety and improve the resilience of local territories.

Conférence de presse pour la prévention des inondations et sécheresses

Make the right decisions at the right time

VorteX-io offers much more than technology. A unique service to protect your territory. Our energy self-sufficient micro-stations provide exceptionally accurate, wide ranging measurements, enabling you to anticipate risks more accurately.

Deployable anywhere, micro-stations increase the coverage of your local territory.

Access an intuitive platform to make risk-adjusted decisions. Instant notifications warn you when alert thresholds are crossed.

All-in-one service

for a perfect synergy

The technology embedded in our micro-stations works in conjunction with the Maelstrom platform, giving you instant access to hydrological measurements of your watercourses.

  • Wide ranging measurements

    The micro-station multiplies your prevention capacity. The sensors measure quantitative data (surface height and speed) and qualitative data (surface temperature). All with precision to the nearest centimetre and degree.

  • Real-time notifications

    Customize measurement thresholds according to the specific features of your region. Real-time notifications alert you to crossings via SMS, voice call and e-mail.

  • Monitoring and analysis platform

    Via the Maelstrom® platform or via API, access real-time hydrological data for your monitored watercourses, as well as historical measurements.

  • Quick setup and installation

    Our partner rope access technicians install the micro-station on the structure of your choice within 1 hour. Our team activates the station and sets the parameters for data collection.

They trust us

Establish a reliable and effective prevention strategy

Protection of the population

Anticipate floods to protect residents effectively. Notifications alert you in real time 24/7.

Cost reduction

Benefit from our decision support tool and minimize the cost of damage to infrastructures and public properties.

Strengthening resilience

Equip your territory to reduce the economic and urban impact of floods and droughts.

Enhancing the territory

Improve the attractiveness of the region through better river management. Access to real-time and historical measurements gives you a unique view of their change.

Easier compliance

Meet legal requirements for flood risk prevention with peace of mind by investing in a reliable, tried-and-tested solution.

The WHYLD project

Worldwide HYdrological Large-scale Database
The first hydrological database

Co-funded by the European Innovation Council and vorteX-io, the WHYLD project aims to create the most comprehensive hydrological database in Europe.

To ensure its success, vorteX-io is pursuing a dynamic strategy of deploying micro-stations, enabling its customers to take advantage of an attractive offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

State-owned hydrological stations data are essential, and our micro-stations are an effective complement to local measurements. For example, nearly 13,000 of the 125,000 French rivers that contribute to flood risk lack a monitoring system.

The ease of deployment and robustness of vorteX-io technology provide you with a monitoring system tailored to the challenges of your territory, strengthening your ability to anticipate and manage flood risks.

The reliability of our data is our top priority. Our micro-stations are based on technology inherited from spatial altimetry. It guarantees a measurement that does not drift over time and retains its accuracy.

What’s more, our sensors perform intelligent post-processing of measurements, using algorithms to check data consistency. This gives you the reliable, precise monitoring you need to make informed decisions.

VorteX-io promotes collaboration by centralizing data on our Maelstrom platform.

The core of our offer is based on the pooling of data collected by micro-stations. Thanks to this system, several entities can obtain this valuable data without investing in equipment.

This collaborative approach aims to enhance the effectiveness of preventive actions and water resource management.

VorteX-io offers seamless integration with various systems via the API. We work closely with your technical team to ensure a smooth implementation.

Our solution adapts to your specific needs, making it easy to adopt within your organization.

Although the subscription-based offer may raise questions, our solution offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

The subscription includes :

  • access to measurements,
  • data visualization on the Maelstrom platform,
  • threshold exceedance notifications,
  • micro-station maintenance,
  • replacement in the event of damage or theft.

Over 10 years, the vorteX-io service subscription costs up to 5 times less than the purchase of the equipment.

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