Insurances and Insurance Brokers

Hydrological measurements for parametric insurance

Offer your customers a new generation of parametric insurance coverage. The vorteX-io solution helps insurance companies and brokers protect their policyholders against flood risk.

Cas de déclenchement de l'assurance paramétrique inondation

Prepare for the future of insurance

Natural disasters, especially floods, are on the increase, putting your customers at even greater risk.

Faced with this reality, traditional insurance offers are showing their limits. They are no longer able to cover natural hazards effectively.

The extra costs involved jeopardize the protection of your customers and the long-term viability of your insurance business.

The search is on for a solution capable of accuratelyanticipating and quantifying the risk of flooding.

billions US$

Amount of worldwide insured losses reached in the last 5 years.

billions US$

Total amount of economic losses from flooding worldwide in the last 5 years.

Switch to smart contracts

VorteX-io is the partner you can trust to help you take the leap to smart contracts.

  • Anticipate floods

    Give your customers the means to anticipate flood risk and protect their assets and infrastructures. Our micro-stations provide extremely accurate hydrological measurements upstream of the watercourse.

  • Damage statement

    Our service provides an instant report of the water level reached on site. Your customers benefit from fast and smooth claims processing. Offer your customers customized parametric insurance coverage.

Exemple d'une micro-station avec bras porteur
They trust us

All-in-one service

for a perfect synergy

The on-board technology in our micro-stations works in conjunction with the Maelstrom platform, giving you instant access to watercourses state in real time.

  • Centimetric measurement

    The sensors in our micro-station guarantee precise measurement of water level during floods. By providing flood velocity data, our system enables a comprehensive assessment of hydrological conditions.

  • Real-time notifications

    Customize measurement thresholds to suit your customer's specific requirements and the contract in question. Real-time notifications warn your customers by SMS, voice call and e-mail when alert thresholds are crossed.

  • Flood expertise report

    In the event of a flood affecting one of your customers, vorteX-io generates an official event report. This document certifies the height of water reached at the disaster site and the hydrological conditions recorded.

  • Quick setup and installation

    Our partner rope access technicians install the micro-station on the structure of your choice within 1 hour. Our team activates the station and sets the parameters for data collection.

State-of-the-art technology

Instant notifications

Permanent and instant access to hydrological data. Our service warns your organization and your customer of any risk of flooding.

Ready-to-use solution

Opt for a subscription model that gives you easy access to data without having to invest in the technology itself.

Attractiveness gain

Strengthen the transparency of your contracts and the confidence of your customers by simplifying the claims payment process.

Data reliability

Our data verification algorithms guarantee the consistency and integrity of information, ensuring intelligent post-processing of collected data.

Data availability

Our digital control center monitors the health of the micro-stations in real time, making maintenance quick and efficient.

Service continuity

Our spatial IoT technology ensures continuous data acquisition, even in the event of Internet network degradation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If a micro-station is already installed, you can benefit from vorteX-io service almost instantly.

If your subscription to our service requires the installation of a new micro-station, we commit to starting the contract within 1 month.

Following a flood affecting one of your customers, vorteX-io produces a detailed report of the event.

This document provides tangible proof of the flooding and specifies the height of water reached at the disaster site. This enables claims to be handled quickly and smoothly.

VorteX-io offers exceptional flexibility. All you have to do is subscribe to the micro-stations you need, or ask for new ones to be installed where you need them.

You will identify the measurement points that are essential for creating a parametric insurance contract. We make the data available to you.

The adoption of vorteX-io paves the way for more precise and equitable parametric contracts.

Real-time data combined with in-depth analysis enable precise assessment of flood risk, facilitating ex-ante determination of the amount of compensation.

This boosts customer confidence and reduces losses for your company.

The security of your data is our absolute commitment. VorteX-io follows strict confidentiality and data protection protocols in accordance with current standards.

The company implements the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent any fraudulent access or use of data, including regular cybersecurity audits.

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