Logistic Agent M/F

Contract Type:
Permanent position
46, rue Marco Polo
Batiment B, Etage 3
31670 LABÈGE

About the company

vorteX-io is a startup founded by two engineers with a background in spatial research and more specifically in the field of earth observation. Its goal is to build the largest real-time hydrometeorological database in Europe.

The company is currently offering a river monitoring service based on 2 innovative systems: the light altimeter embedded in a drone and the connected and autonomous micro-station.
Taking advantage of space-based remote sensing technologies, these innovative instruments complement existing systems and meet the ever-increasing need for real-time monitoring of all rivers that contribute to flood risk.

VorteX-io has just won a European grant of 2.5 million euros from the European Innovation Council (EIC), soon to be topped up by a further 1 million euros to install 3,000 micro-stations above waterways over the next three years.

With this growth in mind, the vorteX-io team will be expanding in the coming weeks and is planning to recruit several new employees this year. His first mission will therefore be to recruit and integrate new employees.

Description and Objectives

As part of the large-scale deployment of its network of micro-stations monitoring waterways, vorteX.io wishes to reinforce its Supply Chain team.

Reporting directly to the Supply Chain Manager, your missions will be the following:

  • Store management
  • Inventory management and stocktaking
  • Anticipation and determination of supplies, management of replenishment orders
  • Preparation of the material to be sent to our integrator(s)
  • Management of the sending of customer orders to our field service providers
  • Management of the carriers at the reception and the sending of the parcels
  • Receipt and control of packages
  • Management of all the items in the store (Identification, labeling etc…)

Know-how & skills:

  • Proficiency in computer and internet tools (ERP and office pack) essential
  • Technical knowledge would be a plus (mechanical, electrical)


Minimum level BEP-CAP logistics. Experience in a similar position required.

Soft skills:

  • Dynamism
  • Enthusiasm
  • Autonomy
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Rigor and method
  • Taste for teamwork

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