R&D Data Mining Engineer Hydrology M/F

Contract Type:
Permanent position
La Cité
55 Avenue Louis Breguet
31400 Toulouse, FRANCE

About the company

vorteX-io is a startup founded by two engineers with a background in spatial research and more specifically in the field of earth observation. Its goal is to build the largest real-time hydrometeorological database in Europe.

The company is currently offering a river monitoring service based on 2 innovative systems: the lightweight altimeter embedded in a drone and the connected and autonomous micro-station.
Taking advantage of space-based remote sensing technologies, these innovative instruments complement existing systems and meet the ever-increasing need for real-time monitoring of all rivers that contribute to flood risk.

Description and Objectives

Within the vorteX.io team, the incumbent’s mission is first to develop and make reliable the existing algorithms and systems that will allow the best use of the innovative measurements proposed by the vorteX.io instruments. The other important part of the activities consists in imagining and developing new algorithms and solutions allowing to provide new parameters of the rivers in order to enrich the vorteX.io services. To carry out this mission, the incumbent will be required to:

  • Participate in algorithmic studies and developments, instrumental studies using vorteX.io instruments
  • Define, prototype and develop new algorithms and treatment chains to propose new water parameters
  • Participate in the development of new innovative remote sensing instruments for water
  • Participate and conduct field test campaigns to test and implement new instruments
  • Participate in responses to calls for tenders
  • To ensure a technological and scientific watch on new sensors/new techniques of remote sensing and water measurement
  • Travel in France and in Europe is to be expected

Know-how & skills:

  • Signal processing and image processing
  • Physics of measurement
  • Applied mathematics
  • Numerical data analysis
  • Hydrology
  • Linux system knowledge
  • Languages: Python, C/C++, (Golang would be a plus)
  • Machine learning / Deep learning
  • OpenCV
  • Configuration manager: GIT


General engineer and/or PhD with strong computer skills in a scientific data processing and analysis field. Applications with less experience will also be considered.

A good knowledge of hydrology and associated remote sensing techniques would be a plus. An interest and experience in image processing will be appreciated.

Soft skills:

Dynamic, enthusiastic, creative, good interpersonal skills, rigorous and methodical, autonomous, innovative, team player.

Ability to communicate both in writing (drafting of responses to calls for proposals, drafting of technical notes and scientific articles) and orally (presentations at contractual meetings or scientific conferences).

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